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  • Wednesday 12:00-15:00
DescriptionAksa Ltd Zenica was founded in 1989 with headquarters in Zenica, BiH. The owner and founder is the renowned Bosnian architect Zvjezdan Turkić. Architect Turkić has been awarded several times - on two occasions he has received the award of the Union of Architects of Bosnia and Herzegovina for the most successful architectural realization in Bosnia and Herzegovina and is the recipient of the City of Zenica Award for contribution in the field of architecture. He was the first president of the Assembly of the Association of Architects of BiH, president and member of the Commission for Passing Professional Exams at the Ministry of Physical Planning of BiH, as well as a member of the Expert Committee for Awarding Authorizations for Architectural Design at the same Ministry. In its 27 years of existence, Aksa has been able to realize a large number of projects of importance for the state, federation, canton, city as well as for private investors, making us one of the leading design companies in BiH. Our team consists of architectural and constructive bureaus, which together with external associates enable successful realization of the most complex project tasks. We have the knowledge, capacity and technical capabilities to competently and responsibly master the complex problems of engineering design of all types of structures, all forms of architectural design, as well as to provide a complete service of supervision over the execution of works. Our goal is to combine the experience of senior engineers with the ideas that young engineers bring to the best and most efficient way to meet investor demands.
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City Zenica , Ul. Londža 128b PC Roma II
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    cooperation on joint projects

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