Benjamina Šaranović

Udruženje poslodavaca Zenica

Bilateral Meetings

  • Wednesday 12:00-15:00
DescriptionThe Association of Employers Zenica was established in July 2012. The founders were 15 reputable companies with headquarters in the Zenica Municipality. The association operates as a non-governmental, non-profit organization and in the meantime has steadily increased its membership. We operate on the principle of voluntary membership of privately owned companies. The vision of the Zenica Employers Association is focused on the organization and continuous improvement of the business environment, with a focus on: • creating a stimulating and stimulating business environment; • unburdening employers; • suppression of the grey economy; • improving liquidity; • reducing fiscal and parafiscal charges to employers.
Organization Type Other,
City Zenica , Vojvodića put bb (zgrada Hadžinica)
Areas of Activities

Information and communication technologies

    Agriculture and food production


        Education and consultancy


            Offer & Request

            Creation joint project with the peer organization cross border whith which they will work together o

            Creation joint project with the peer organization cross border with which they will work together on enhancement of the women entrepreneurship in the cross-border region of Serbia and BiH

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