Alma Bečirović

Zenica development agency ZEDA

Bilateral Meetings

  • Wednesday 12:00-15:00
DescriptionZEDA was founded by the City of Zenica in 2004 with the aim of economic development, to assist the development of SMEs and to create a favourable environment which overall leads to the development of a community and region. For fifteen years of its activity, ZEDA has implemented, been a partner and co-sponsor of dozens of projects in the field of: development and promotion of entrepreneurship, creation of favourable conditions for domestic and foreign investments in the economy, strengthening of competitiveness and export potential of SMEs, construction of entrepreneurial infrastructure and environment, introduction of systems for control of product safety, ecology - sustainable development and energy efficiency, human resources, tourism, etc.
Organization Type Other,
City Zenica , Zmaja od Bosne bb
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