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University of Bihac

Bilateral Meetings

  • Wednesday 12:00-15:00
DescriptionUniversity of Bihac is a public institution that organizes and executes studies, scientific and expert work; develops scientific, technological and artistic creation. However, the roots of higher education in this area go back much further. In fact, in 1970 an outpost of the College of Engineering in Karlovac started its work, whereupon in 1975 the Department of Engineering at the College of Engineering in Bihac was established. Department of Textile Technology was founded in 1979, as well as the College of Economy. The academy of Pedagogy was founded in 1993, then the Islamic Academy of Education in 1995. Today, the University of Bihac comprises seven faculties: Faculty of Biotechnical Sciences, Faculty of Economy, Islamic Faculty of Pedagogy, Faculty of Pedagogy, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Technical Engineering and Faculty of Health Studies which produce 26 different professions. University of Bihac is a part of European Higher Education Area and as such strives to act according to policies and documents of European Union. Tha main challenge for academic staff and students is to obtain the right response to social, scientific, educational and economic demands. We develop University of Bihac as a reliable, autonomous and research leading, educational and artistic Institution in Una-Sana Canton, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Europe. It was founded on the principles of academic freedom and respect of students being the most important actors in higher education.
Organization Type University,
City Bihać , Pape Ivana Pavla II 2/II
Areas of Activities

Education and consultancy