Dragana Stojanović

Olda group d.o.o.

Bilateral Meetings

  • Wednesday 12:00-15:00
DescriptionOlda group is a company with organic estate in Vojvodina, Serbia, and with production and processing of final organic products. Our products holds organic certificates of EU and Republic of Serbia, under the brand names "Profesor Daus" and "D woona". On our farm in Seleuš we have an organic production of crops and vegetables at a certified organic farm of 80 ha, a farm of laying hens organized in free range farming, as well as a herd of sheep goats. On our estate we have autochthonous sheep breeds and from them we receive an organically certified wool, from which in traditional way, made by valuable hands of village women, we make garments. We do not use artificial colors and we try to make everything we do in accordance with nature and organic principles. Olda group strongly believes that the future of agriculture is the application of agroecological principles that maintain and improve the fertility of the soil. We strongly believe in self-sustainability, environmental protection and animal welfare. Our goal is to provide the best goods from our production, to people who desire good health and delicious food. For more information about our company and our products visit www.oldagroup.com, also Instagram and Facebook profiles Profesor Daus and D.woonaSerbia.
Organization Type Company
City Alibunar, ,
Areas of Activities

Agriculture and food production