Milenca Sreckovic

SET doo Sabac

Bilateral Meetings

  • Wednesday 12:00-15:00

SET Ltd performs planning, design and construction services in the field of building construction, from residential, residential-business buildings to industrial ones. Also, recently we have been providing planning and design services in the field of civil engineering and hydraulic construction, as well as construction services for municipal hydrotechnical constructions such as water and solid waste treatment plants.

Our greatest strength today is our team, which has more than 40 percent of trained professional people, ready to continuously improve their knowledge and work of the company and our greatest value is the large number of completed projects and facilities.

From SET's need to digitize its business processes through the information system, SET PLUS PLUS was created, a company that is developing today on the basis of the need to spread awareness for the digital transformation of the economy in Serbia.

A team of young people with innovative solutions is working every day to develop and implement a business information system for all businesses.

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City Sabac , Brace Nedica 1
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